Important Updates

25 August 2023

Covid Regulation Update

  • The government has announced the compulsory mask wearing at our Care Centres, mandatory 7-day isolation requirements for COVID, ceased at midnight on Monday 14th August 2023.
  • This is very positive news for our residents and their family and friends, along with our team members.

What this means – Daily

  • Visitors and team members at our Care Centres are no longer required to wear a mask.
  • Masks will continue to be available for those who wish to wear them.

What this means – If a resident tests positive for COVID

  • Our current Infection Protection Control (IPC) Outbreak Plan will be implemented, with team members wearing appropriate PPE for residents in isolation.
  • It is recommended that residents isolate for 5 days and take extra IPC precautions whilst they remain symptomatic after this period.
  • A COVID outbreak is declared an outbreak from the first positive resident.
  • When a COVID outbreak is identified, all team members and visitors need to wear N95 masks at the Care Centre, until all residents test negative and are asymptomatic.

What this means – if a team member tests positive for COVID

  • If they test positive and are asymptomatic, the team member will be able to continue working and need wear a N95 mask until they test negative.
  • If they test positive and are symptomatic, as with any other situation where someone is feeling unwell, we ask that they stay home until their symptoms have cleared.


9:45am 24 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

We are pleased to announce that all our Hawkes Bay Retirement Villages and Care Centres have mains power back on.

We would like to extend our sincere thank you to our residents, their families and friends, our teams, and all the community services including Civil Defence, Te Whatu Ora, the Government Emergency Team and The Regional Council – for your tremendous support during this very challenging time.

8:50am 16 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

Gracelands power is now back on.

4pm 15 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

Duart Care Centre’s power is now back on.

11:50am 15 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

We now have a generator onsite at our Gracelands Care Centre.

11:10am 15 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

Eversley Care Centre’s power is now back on.

11am 15 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

All our residents are safe and well cared for and we are working closely with Te Whatu Ora to ensure that all of our Hawke’s Bay Villages and Care Centres have all of the provisions they require.

All Atawhai residents have been safely re-accommodated by Civil Defence back to Atawhai Village and Care Centre and there is a generator on-site at Atawhai.

The power remains on at our Woburn Care Centre.

Gracelands, Duart and Eversley have no power and we are working closely with Civil Defence to source generators for these sites.

The main telephone line for all our Hawke’s Bay Villages and Care Centres remain diverted to our Call Centre, 0800 333 688 due to continued communication challenges.

We appreciate that this is a concerning time for residents and families and will keep you updated with more information when it comes to hand.

3pm 14 February 2023

Cyclone Gabrielle Hawke’s Bay Update

Please be assured that all our residents are safe and being cared for by our teams during this National Emergency.

We are experiencing power outages at all our Hawke’s Bay sites and all main telephone lines at all Hawke’s Bay locations are being diverted to our Call Centre, 0800 333 688.

Under instruction from Civil Defence NZ, our Atawhai Retirement Village and Care Centre residents have been evacuated to either Tamatea Intermediate School, 15 Freyberg Avenue or Equippers Church, Corner of York Avenue and Lancaster Streets. They continue to be supported by our care teams who are with them.

We understand your concern during this significant weather event, and we appreciate your support as we take the necessary measure to keep all our residents and our teams safe.

We will keep you updated as more information comes to hand.

31 January 2023

Auckland weather event

Oceania teams in Auckland are supporting residents affected by Friday’s weather event. A weather warning has now been issued for the wider North Island and we’re watching the situation closely. If you have any questions about our villages or care centres, please call our Oceania support centre on 0800 333 688 between the hours of 9am and 8pm.

June 2022

Please see below how we are protecting our residents health and wellbeing in line with Ministry of Health guidance.


Care Centres

Visiting offsite:

Residents are welcome to leave the care centre to go out with family and friends. Residents are encouraged to wear masks and use hand sanitiser when outside the care centre.


Van outings:

Regular van outings have resumed and Covid-19 precautions will be taken if and when applicable.


Organised events:

Residents, friends and families can attend organised events. “Organised events” are special functions (such as a Christmas party) that are planned outside of the normal daily activities. Limiting of numbers is at the discretion of the facility manager.



Visitors must follow the approach set out by the Care Centre, which may include using a visitor booking system, completing a declaration, RAT testing and mask wearing.


Retirement Villages

Wearing masks will protect everyone:

We ask that you wear your mask when you are outside your apartment or villa – including when you are in any of the communal areas.


Organised events:

Events can be held in the community centre in line with Government guidelines for indoor gatherings. We encourage the wearing of a mask if not eating and drinking.



Visitors are welcome, including children and pets, but we ask that they wear a mask if possible.


For any questions, please contact the Care Centre Manager or Village Manager.

You can find more information on COVID-19 and current government recommendations on the Ministry of Health’s website.