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Our Approach to Life.

At Oceania, we build villages, not just homes. Places designed to enable you to live the way you always have, with value, purpose and connection to the things that matter most. We’re led by you, and it’s this shared belief in better that makes our approach different.

We design spaces and experiences with you at the heart.

We all do better when we have a purpose, and our days are filled with the things we enjoy doing, the food we like to eat, and our spaces reflect who we are. Alongside you, we’re redefining what it means to live in a Village, using innovation to enhance the retirement and aged care experience. 

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Spaces designed for living

Every Oceania apartment, villa and Care Suite offers an effortless living experience. Our design team considers the view, natural light, sense of privacy, outdoor spaces, warmth and fixtures and fittings, designed for ease of use. We provide the perfect canvas for you to make your own, adding your taste and personality as much or as little as you’d like.

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Delicious nutrition

Food is vital for good nutrition, but it’s also one of life’s great joys. Led by a team of skilled chefs and dieticians, we ensure taste and nutrition are the heroes of our dishes. We look to culinary trends and your personal preferences to refine and update our menus regularly because we all enjoy taste adventures.

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Technology for good

As the world becomes more technologically advanced, how we can use it to enhance our experiences is also evolving. Our Aged Care Living team curates intuitive entertainment experiences so you can enjoy the benefits, from online music libraries to an entirely new way to borrow books. 


I Love Music

Research shows that listening to our favourite songs can make us more sociable and trigger long-term memories; that's why we developed 'I Love Music'. A music programme as unique as you are, with your own mp3 player filled with your favourite music from the past and present.


Audiobook Library

Reading books relaxes and reduces our stress levels, while also increasing joy. As publishers have moved from print to audiobooks, we have embraced this change. The Oceania Audiobook Library, brings thousands of books direct to your ears, making titles both new and old fully accessible for you to enjoy.


Move and Groove

Staying fit has a positive impact on your overall health and mental wellbeing, and helps keep your body active and mobile. ‘Move and Groove’ is a collaboration between certified Zumba instructors and Oceania’s Physiotherapy Team to develop an exercise programme that can be enjoyed by any level of mobility - ensuring your physical independence is a priority.

We believe that human connection is human care.

We are social creatures, and research has shown that there is a direct link between social connection and wellbeing – both emotional and physical. That’s why we focus on designing spaces that encourage and enhance your social relationships and sense of community – because that is human care.

Oceania residents playing piano together
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Boutique is best

To deliver a retirement and aged care experience that is exclusive for you, we don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our Villages. That’s why we keep our Villages boutique, with careful consideration given to the region and community they are part of, and a unique design that centres around fostering connections and a tight-knit community.

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Community at the heart

Each Village offers a range of flexible community spaces, designed for you to gather and connect with other residents, and your family and friends. From open spaces to more private options, the wide variety of facilities, activities and spaces mean that you can socialise in a way that works for you.

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Homes designed for connection

Every home in our Villages is designed around the core principle of connection because we believe that for optimal human health and a happy life, it’s essential to stay social.

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Keeping couples together

Having a loved one by your side is what truly makes it feel like home. We have spaces specially designed to accommodate couples, catering to both Rest Home and Hospital level care. Explore our Couples Care Suites today.


Village Living

Our apartments and villas centre around comfortable open plan spaces, designed for light and privacy with outdoor spaces made for year-round use, making them the perfect place to host the family for dinner like you always have. And there’s plenty of space for your full-scale Lego battle with the grandkids.


Aged Care Living

Our aged care offering is a little different from others. Oceania Care Suites deliver exceptional Rest Home and Hospital care, evolving as your needs increase so you don't have to move again. But more importantly, they're designed to feel like home, with private ensuites, living areas and kitchenettes so you can share a cuppa with the family like you always have. While medical equipment is discreetly hidden away, giving you the space to make it your own. And our Couples Care Suites ensure that no matter your different levels of need, you can stay together like you always have*. *Specialist dementia care (secure dementia care or psychogeriatric care) is not available in a Couples Care Suite.

We deliver our expertise with a healthy dose of you.

We’re proud to deliver a retirement and aged care experience of the highest quality. But we know that no one is more of an expert in what you need than you. So whether you choose Village Living or Aged Care Living, our team will get to know you personally, ensuring that you can continue to live the life that matters to you.

Oceania resident smiling at a Oceania healthcare assistant
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Care as unique as you

Together, we develop individual Care Plans, including your likes and dislikes across 18 key aspects, from medical history and risk of falls to family relationships, culture, and spirituality. This enables us to give you an experience that suits your personality.

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Nursing at the forefront

We know that high-quality clinical care is critical as we get older. That’s why our nurses and healthcare assistants get to know you personally, working with you to shape the care they provide. They blend this personal knowledge, with the best clinical practice, to provide care that is unique to you. To complement our team of skilled Registered Nurses, we’re also investing in Nurse Practitioners. They are highly trained to provide the same services as your GP, providing greater vigilance and early prevention. We are currently rolling out this service across the country.

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Independence in action

We make your independence a priority, by offering a range of programmes and facilities, informed by the latest movement research, to help keep your body active and mobile.

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The care doesn’t stop

Whatever your individual care needs, we can support you. As part of our Aged Care Living, Oceania Care Suites and Couples Care Suites, provide expert Rest Home and Hospital care that feels like home, all without the disruption of moving again if your needs increase.

Three Oceania residents out for a walk and a coffee

Village Living.

Village Living at Oceania is designed to better suit your individual needs, with home options to match your choice of location, lifestyle and interests. Our boutique Villages offer a frictionless living experience with considered design and spaces that encourage a sense of community, so you can stay connected to the things that matter most.

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Aged Care Living.

Aged Care Living at Oceania is the perfect new home option when you require a little more care. Our team offers expert Rest Home, Hospital and Dementia level care with you at the heart. Oceania Care Suites and Couples Care Suites are designed to evolve as your needs increase, so you won’t have to move again. It’s your home with extra care.